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Welcome to Cosplay & Comic Books. This is a show that features a live reading of a comic book usually in cosplay of a character within that comic book. The reason for this is to highlight the magical nature of comic books as a unique medium to tell a story. Like hieroglyphics, comic books convey both the writing and text and verbiage - as well as provides the imagery alongside with it. As such, the messages contained within comic book stories would be unique to that particular medium.

The LIVE readings of Cosplay & Comic Books are done off TikTok; however select comic book read throughs are available off my channel for free. In the Cosmic Comic Book Club; you will get access to additional FULL readings of comic books that will be discussed in a more in depth analysis on full moons. If you would like more information on joining the Cosmic Comic Book Club; you can join for just $10 a month and cancel anytime.