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The Magic Monday Show

With your host, the Sorceress Supreme, Rachel Z. Rachel is a Neurolinguistic Astrologer and Cosmic Storyteller. Every Monday we take a look at the chart of the everlasting now, otherwise known as a the chart of the moment for the unique stories of the stars and how the energies of the time impact us on a personal level. 

A weekly show about the magic in our reality though star stories




The replay of each Magic Monday show is posted the day after in the form of a Replay so that you can catch your Starseed Card Readings at a later time if you can't catch the live show.


Presented by Rachel Z. 

Rachel is an accredited Neurolinguistic Astrologer, Personal Trainer and Project Manager. Leveraging these skills, these shows are all about sharing the knowledge and intel from the stars with the world.

My offering is to assist you in discovering what your mission is and purpose is in this incarnation in this beautiful game of life.

This channel is coming soon!
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