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A 5th Element Synthwave Dreamwave Set

Back in the day, I used to burn special musical playlists on CDs for my friends and for special occasions; such as specific road or camping trips and a set of 12 songs burned onto a CD that would also serve as a memory in the cosmic soundscape of that time. With that thought in mind, we have begun creating extra special curated musical mixes that hold within them a certain magical and transformative frequency!

It is precisely why I chose to do a Lee loo from 5th Element cosplay theme for this Synthwave Dreamwave Set. And I dressed Kevin, aka. DJ Mr Golden Era up as Corbin Dallas. I am a big fan of the 5th Element movie, and it has a lot in common in aesthetic to some of the comic books that I have been reading on our late night comic book reading livestreams.

If you are not familiar with the 5th Element, it s a fashionable science fiction comedy drama which is all about saving the universe from evil. Of course, love proves to be a the 5th element - and the strongest force in the cosmos.

Hence why I feel like Synthwave matches the vibe of what the themes of that story are about. Many songs within certain mix sets may gain additional meaning based on what song is coming before, or after, as well as what part of the song is being played. Please enjoy our specially made Synthwave music mix, meant to inspire feelings of the 5th element... LOVE :)

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