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Stories to Nourish Your Inner Child on EP:2 Truth Beauty Freedom & Love

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

I do have to get Jo Anne back on the show again to discuss, as it has been far too long! The original conversation is on my YouTube channel, but I have also taken to finding fun clips within the grander conversation to highlight. A favorite that we talk about in the above conversation is when we talk about Anne of Green Gables, Canadiana - and being called to this land.

Stories have long been incredibly important to how one weaves an dream of reality and how we than co create that dream with others. The children within us are nourished by stories of triumph and inspration, which is why I have been working hard on reviving my Dragon Warriors Saga. Jo Anne is actually a character in the book and we spend a lot of time in the library in Book 3; looking for the correct magic key in order to open the door to the Libary Dragon's domain; aka Bookworm, aka Book Wyrm.

Speaking of reading and stories, Chapter 6 of The Dragon Warriors Battle for Mount Olympus is now up on Wattpad; so check that out once you get a chance. It will be interesting attempting to work back to Part 1, but it's funny - now that I am done officially writing the story of Book 3... it makes the prequel, the Book 2: The Dragon Warriors Escape the 6ix that much more easy to write - as I know where I am going.

What stories do you keep close to your heard because they warm your soul and deeper emotional needs?

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