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Superhero Music Mix feat. Future Classic Trance

I have been cosplaying as Supergirl for the Cosplay & Comic Books Livestream; and wanted to feature a Supergirl Go Go Dance set with Kevin (aka. DJ Mr. Golden Era). My choice for this was to cosplay him as Nightwing - which in turn would make him a DJ Nightwing. If you are unfamiliar with the the superhero Nightwing; he is actually a character created by the same creators of Crisis on Infinite Earths (Marv Wolfman and George Perez). In fact, Supergirl goes on a date with Nightwing in a DC comic. You can get that episode on Neurolinguistic Astrology Salon if you are interested!

Back to the idea of having a music mix that is a FUTURE classic. It's similar to how my graphic novel is titled: The Dragon Warriors in the Ancient Future Time. What is time anyways? What is the difference between a dream and a memory?

Music has the magical ability to transcend the boundaries of time space; transporting us to a place when we heard that song before - a soundtrack always playing in the game of life. Classic trance is a genre or rather style of music that features epic vocals, a high BPM as well as a sound that reminds me of a time that myself and my husband first met … and we used to go out to clubs until sunrise.

Now that we have kind of "grown up" we are passing the mantle of what it means to create classics; by riffing and remixing the past greats so that a new generation may enjoy and bring in the new age!

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