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Truth Beauty Freedom & Love EP:1 A Conversation between Pastelle & Rachel Z. about Inner Power

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The first episode I decided to do for my brand new show called Truth Beauty Freedom & Love was with my beautiful friend Pastelle. I first met Pastelle when I had moved into the City Place neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She was (and wish she still was) my very talented nail technician originally from France, and whom now lives in Guadalupe. Ultimately, there's beauty of course, but you need to hunt down the best people "your team" to assist you with personal stuff. Especially when it comes to beauty; because there's also the element of hygiene associated with it. We became fast friends and I even eventually trained Pastelle for a fitness competition, which also ended up being my last show competing.

Fitness Competitions and Beauty

This was back in 2019, and with the Olympia just passing this last weekend - I am reminded of how much time and effort I put into competing for so very long. Even with the rewrite of Book 1 of the Dragon Warriors Battle for Mount Olympus, I am reminded of why I was enamored of competing in the first place - it was about emulating the Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus, and what those energy signatures meant. To be able to have an earth avatar, a body that can hold that type of energy signature.

Your Body Tells a Story within It with Truth

I have been releasing my Book One: Battle for Mount Olympus chapter by chapter on a weekly basis on Wattpad as I also assemble all of the other production parts for the saga. Each part of the saga is focused on a specific medium. This book one is going to be a traditional Young Adult novel, as I was about 14 when I wrote it - graduating Grade 8 from St Emile School out in Manitoba.

The Beauty of Transformation

Pastelle talks about how we went on a transformation together, and I am reminded of how much I do love the process of transformation - and that's why I really decided to compete in fitness competitions in the first place. It was during the athletes meeting at the show that we did together, when the speech they were giving was literally a carbon copy of the speech from 2012's Toronto Pro Super Show, I knew that I was done.

Bodybuilding and fitness to myself and Kevin was more than just about being the most muscular; there was an element of beauty to it. I do think that because organizers refused to look at the beauty in bodybuilding, that is why it is in the state that it is in.

However, this has now been refocused to helping you understand how to find the hero within your own life. It doesn't have to be for a show, it can be for the game of life! I hope that you enjoy the now show about Truth Freedom Beauty & Love and you can also subscribe to our YouTube to get our official drops.

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