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Starseed Card Readings

Catch the LIVE replays of your weekly Starseed Card Readings from the Monday Magic Show for your Zodiac signs considering the astrological cosmic energies of that week!

Starseed Card Readings for the Week of July 31st into the first week of August. Energies of this week consider the Chart Reading of the Everlasting Now and the fact that Venus has moved retrograde and is now facing her solar lover - the Sun. The card readings consider a 2 card pull; one from the Shadowscapes deck and one from the Astro Matrix deck. 

We are using the major arcana in the tarot deck only for divination for storytelling purposes. The major arcana in tarot is related to the zodiac wheel and as such; there is a beautiful synergy when conducting Starseed readings in this type of way when moving around the wheel. 

Week of July 24th Starseed Card Readings for the Chart of the Everlasting Now. Considers the energies of Venus being at her highest point in the sky before moving retrograde. 

Moving out of Cancer season and into Leo at this same time brings with it the idea of taking care of the relationship that one has within oneself. The moon rules cancer, and so there can be some high emotions regarding the initiative energy required to make change in order to start to cultivate healthier internal relationships. 

Week of June 26th Starseed LIVE Replay Readings; essentially the last week of June before moving into the new month. Due to both Canada Day and Independence Day falling in early July; we are considered mid-week into Cancer season. Cancer season is very special because it is ruled by the moon, can it also rules the relationship to the mother. The mother symbolism goes deep; from your biological mother to your earth mother to your inner mother. 

Divination is considering the energies of the cosmos at the moment of the reading.

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