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Creatures of the Night Dance Story

A song in many cases can also be considered a story. It is probably why I used good song lyrics in my MSN or ICQ name back in the day to express how I felt growing up. Some songs stick with you can will forever trigger an emotional response, even if it is years later - you will remember all of the moments from when that song played. Every once in a while, I will hear a song for the first time and feel a deep pull to create a dance to it. Some are meant to be choreography, while others are meant for a freestyle - which I have now taken to calling "Dance Divination". Stay tuned to this website for upcoming in person and virtual workshops regarding that!

Today's dance story is "Creatures of the Night" which is truly a remix of a much older song. This version with the way that she sings the lyrics just hits different! On the main ART of Go Go Dance Channel I made a shorter version which features a little Captain Marvel transformation just for fun.


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