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Providing everything you need to create a magical experience


Our resident DJ Mr. Golden Era has been a deep lover of music and sound since he was a kid. He is keenly aware of the importance of sound to providing a vibe and specific musical environment to any event or cosmic gathering. HIs sets include everything from house to trance to synth wave and disco and everything in between. 

Our dance choreographer and movie maker Rachel Z. loves to tell stories through the art of dance and movement. Go Go Dance is unique because it is about embodying the energies of the special moment at hand. Dancers can be booked along with DJ Mr. Golden Era together as a package.


The Dance Class

We teach a unique type of dance class called MOVEMENT MAGIC. It is a choreography class done to specific songs from Suga's dreams and to tell a specific story. We have DJ support and the ability to develop musicality by having control over the BPM. Songs have within them embodiment within movement and dance that is a human birthright!

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