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The art of
Go Go

Go Go Dance is the Art of embodying the magical vibration of the music. Within every song, every piece,

there is a message yearning to be expressed in the form of body language.

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The Art of Go Go dance


Want to learn how to Go Go and free your inner goddess; unleash the inner fire of the goddess and all of the juicy good stuff? Join my next Dance Class Workshop!

Dance belongs to everyone.

I spent a lot of time in dance classes being frustrated because I couldn't pick up on the choreography! It took a while to learn how to dance like me, and to find my own unique way to do movement... while still being in sync with others and holding down a beat. I also consider some of my dance freestyles as messages from the ethereal realm from Mushroomland; as songs carry specific keys within them. It literally has KEYS in the name of how music is structured.

man I feel like a woman tutorial.png

Dance Tutorial

"Man I feel Like a Woman"

Get the tutorial to the fun heels optional dance to the Shania Twain remix of "Man I Feel Like a Woman" for just $13.00. And you get lifetime access and the song to practice <3

Rachel Z

Suga @sugarachel

I have been a dancer since I was a kid. It has always been a way for me to express deeper emotions, a body language for things that words do not have enough in them to say. I grew up loving high production music videos and want to elevate the concept of Go Go Dance as an embodiment of music and performance.